Football League Referee returns to College to give talk to students

Professional Referee Darren England gave an insightful presentation to students today.

Darren, a former student at the College, detailed his journey and shared some advice for our sport students.

Darren opened up on what it takes to pursue a career in sport.

He said: “People see the success, but they don’t see the dedication and work it takes.

“To get where you want to be takes commitment, there will be disappointments along the way, but just keep going and working hard and you’ll get there.”


Darren also gave some advice to aspiring referees, which he highlighted was a tough but rewarding profession.

“Stay focused. There will be games where you are not happy with your performance and others aren’t happy too.

“But stick with it, because the rewards you get far outweigh the lows. Refereeing in the biggest stadiums in the world is the next best view to being a footballer.”


Our Sports Academy runs a unique academy which offers young referees the chance to combine education and officiating.

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