Sports Academy and Yorkshire Sport Foundation team up for Ambassador Scheme

Barnsley Sports Academy is working in conjunction with Yorkshire Sport Foundation to help deliver its Further Education Ambassador Scheme.

The scheme is designed to identify students who want to pursue a career in Sports Development and Coaching, and work with them to encourage other students, who are not as active in sport, to participate on a regular basis.

Debra Cummins, Development Manager at Yorkshire Sport Foundation, encourages 14-19 year olds to become more active.

Debra said: “We are really trying to put young people at the heart of the programme.

“Ambassadors are tasked with finding out what kind of activities students at the College would like to do, what the barriers are which might prevent them from participating and then we support them with a little bit of funding to get sessions going.

“At Barnsley College they’ve done a tremendous job. They run a number of different activities through the programme such as football, netball, tchoukball and dodgeball and they do inclusive work for students with a disability.

“The scheme gives students real sports development experience such as project and budget planning, but also it benefits the well-being of the students involved.

“The scheme gets students active. It can help them with their mental health, social and team-working skills and can just provide them with a bit of a break from their studies so they can recharge and refresh.”

In conjunction with the Ambassador Scheme, Yorkshire Sport Foundation has created the ‘College Games’ which will be held on Wednesday 27 March.

The Games, which involves six colleges from across South Yorkshire, will be led by students from Barnsley College who will have control over the organisation of the event.

Debra said: “Students from Barnsley College will organise everything from the sports to the risk assessment. It promises to be an enjoyable day and a great experience for the events management students.”

Amanda Sowerby, Physical Activity and Sport Co-ordinator at Barnsley College, is liaising with Yorkshire Sport Foundation and students to help plan the event.

Amanda added: “On the day Barnsley College students will also compete in 7-a-side football, badminton, volleyball and dodgeball games.

“These are participation games, it is a great opportunity for students to perform and challenge their body and mind.”

Debra said: “We are delighted to work with Barnsley Sports Academy who continue to support the development of sport and young people. The facilities at the College are fantastic and they are utilised really well.

“It’s not just using those facilities for the students who participate in sport, but it’s great to see they utilise those facilities for the less active.

“The staff and students have a real understanding of the project and the students they want to target.”

To find out more about the Ambassador Scheme and the College Games on Wednesday 27 March contact Amanda Sowerby on or Debra Cummins on

Football League Referee returns to College to give talk to students

Professional Referee Darren England gave an insightful presentation to students today.

Darren, a former student at the College, detailed his journey and shared some advice for our sport students.

Darren opened up on what it takes to pursue a career in sport.

He said: “People see the success, but they don’t see the dedication and work it takes.

“To get where you want to be takes commitment, there will be disappointments along the way, but just keep going and working hard and you’ll get there.”


Darren also gave some advice to aspiring referees, which he highlighted was a tough but rewarding profession.

“Stay focused. There will be games where you are not happy with your performance and others aren’t happy too.

“But stick with it, because the rewards you get far outweigh the lows. Refereeing in the biggest stadiums in the world is the next best view to being a footballer.”


Our Sports Academy runs a unique academy which offers young referees the chance to combine education and officiating.

You can find out more about our sport courses and Referee Academy in the link provided: